Introduction Program Affiliate Application 

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Camp Corral.  We are fortunate to have many wonderful camps interested in working with our program and appreciate your time completing this application.

With exceptional growth over the last five years, we currently are not adding additional camping partners this year. The need for new locations is reviewed annually and we will follow up with you if we are looking for a site in your area. We look forward to reviewing your application and learning about your organization.  We would be happy to speak to you about what a partnership with Camp Corral may look like in the future, but please know this could be several years down the road. 

Program's physical address

Primary Contact Person

Director, Development Officer, Program Director, etc.

Who is completing the application

Program Requirements
In order to be eligible to participate as a Camp Corral host camp, all camp sites must commit to fulfill the following program requirements. Please contact us if, after carefully reviewing the requirements, you find further clarification is needed.

Camp Program
  • No camp will discriminate based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any other factor.
  • The facility is currently hosting over-night, residential summer camp sessions.
Contractual and Insurance
  • Each camp will provide proof of general liability insurance with minimum limits of $1million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate.
  • The camp will indemnify and hold harmless Camp Corral for any of the camp’s acts of negligence. Camp Corral agrees to do the same for its own negligent actions.
Safety and Risk Management
  • The camp is ACA accredited or can document it’s working towards ACA accreditation (to be completed within 18 months).
  • All camp staff will go through Camp Corral’s specified training ahead of the Camp Corral week, using The Redwoods Group’s and Camp Corral specific training.
  • Nationwide criminal background checks and at least three reference checks are run on all staff and volunteers at camp.
  • All bodies of water are lifeguarded within a lifeguard:swimmer ratio of 1:25 any time a camper is swimming in them.
  • All campers are swim tested upon arrival at camp and any non-swimmers are either placed in a coast-guard approved lifejacket, restricted to water below chest deep or engaged in a swim lesson.
  • All campers and staff wear lifejackets during any boating activities.
  • All campers and staff wear helmets during any horseback riding  and elevated activities.
  • No 12- or 15-passenger vans are used for the transportation of campers.
  • All high ropes, rock walls and other challenge elements have been inspected within a year of the Camp Corral week, and after any significant storm, and all recommendations will be complied with prior to the start of camp.

Camper Numbers
How many campers could your site facilitate in an exclusive Camp Corral session?
  • Camp Corral contracts are based on minimum and maximum numbers.  
  • Your minimum number should reflect the number of campers it would take to cover your base costs or make hosting a week a fiscally sound decision.  
  • Camp Corral pays for the minimum number of campers, then per camper actually in attendance up to the maximum number.  Camp Corral would work with you to negotiate these numbers should your site be selected.

Thank you for completing this application.  Our team will follow up with you in the next few week. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions at